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Early bird offer has finished. Please be patient for the ITO soon to be announced.
When it comes to traditional equity plays, I'm not a fan of traditional investing scenarios. This is why I embraced crypto. Now, in the scenarios described, it’s good because you're giving investors what they are used to while sweetening the deal by offering something new.
Daniel Pineda - Apptrade
Game developing is always a challenge. You try to catch the best trends and merge them carefully to get the successful product. For me DinoMess is more than just a mobile game. It reveals the opportunities, that have been unknown before. It embraces real life activities, it penetrates deeply into business processes, it provides powerful edutainment possibilities. I think that DinoMess is one of the projects, that will get gaming experience to the new level.
Ekaterina Samedova - DinoMess GeoGame game producer

Invest in this project now, all you need is a verified account on OpenLedger. If you do not have an interest in any future IPO, it is possible to buy in without validation and instead only leaving an e-mail for future contact.

If you are in Australia, New Zealand ot Philippines – get our first game DinoMess GeoGame from Google Play or App Store

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Birkevej 15, DK-9490 Pandrup, Denmark
Alpha version of the platform will be published in coming months.
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